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Fixed & Indexed Annuity Suitability

Discuss Suitability of using IRA or Savings for safe earning Annuity:

  • 1 hour
  • Customer Choice: Phone, Online, or In-Person

Service Description

A Fixed or Indexed Annuity offers a safe way to earn money while remaining secure. A "zero floor" fixed annuity option allows you to gain the advantages of the economy when there is growth, and the safety of not losing any of your money when the economy recedes. They offer much greater returns than bank savings accounts or certificate of deposits while offering security. I'd be happy to explain how a fixed annuity can help your taxed deferred IRA continue to grow, safely, in an annuity rollover account, or how you can convert your low interest savings account into an investment. The process begins with a suitability assessment, as we don't move forward if this type of investment is not what you need.

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Louisiana, USA

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