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Medicare Consultation

Go over Medicare questions and your individual needs to find a plan:

  • 45 minutes
  • Customer Choice: Phone, Online, or In-Person

Service Description

Every person is different. New applicants may need to better understand the "A, B, C, & D's" of Medicare as they sign up for the first time. Then, important questions like which health plan, Medigap versus Medicare Advantage, fits an eligible persons lifestyle and finances? Once you choose a medical plan type, you have to consider the carriers and what each offers - including provider networks. Next, after that decision is made, it is still important to know which type of prescription plan is available that works best? Different prescription plans will have different co-pays, co-insurances, and drug formularies. These questions need to be reviewed to see which plan best covers regular prescribed medications, which local pharmacies plans are preferred, doctor AND hospital networks, and treatment co-pays or co-insurances for ongoing treatments. Veteran Options: Additionally, there are additional plan options based on unique circumstances. There are Medicare Advantage plans from most major carriers that military retirees who receive their medical insurance through the Veteran's Administration can sign-up for with $0 premiums. These MA plans are typically offer extensive "extra" benefits like vision, dental, hearing, over-the-counter allowances, and other benefits. Veterans can sign up for these plans during four different periods per year if they already have an additional plan that includes a PDP plan. Many don't realize that these extra benefits are available at $0 premiums, and they are allowed to use these plans as companions to their VA medical benefits. Ignoring these options loses extra benefits and leaves easier access to civilian emergency rooms and doctors unused. It only takes a little time to sign-up. Medicare/Medicaid: Finally, dual eligible plans or available to Medicare AND Medicaid eligible individuals. These plans offer additional benefits and extremely low co-pays. Similarly, there are four extensive periods per year where people who are dual Medicare/Medicaid eligible can sign-up. For all Medicare eligible individuals, there are many benefits available, and it is important to review your options. Taking the time to fully understand your options, and the best estimate of your cost on each plan will allow for a fully informed, confident decision.

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Louisiana, USA

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